Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lo Life ‎- Lo Lifes Are Lo / No Weak Signs - 1997

12" - 1997 - Overit Multimedia

Lo Life was a Hip-Hop trio from NYC who started in 1992. They dropped their first single "We On Now" the same year on Lo Life Productions. This group was composed of Kadaflo from Bushwick (NY), Ba Dubb from Troy (NY) and EP also from Bushwick (NY)

Kadaflo :"I came up from BK to upstate NY to hustle in 88, got knocked in 89 in Troy NY. That’s where me and Ba Dubb met in the county jail."
This 12" single came out circa '97 on Overit Multimedia. Both tracks "Lo Lifes Are Lo" and "No Weak Signs" were produced by Rich Blak of Da Beatminerz. This wax is very hard to find and recently the rare copies for sale on ebay were sold at pretty high prices...

After that, they went separate ways for a while and according to Kadaflo they had tracks for the album but unfortunately it never came out...

Props to Kadaflo a.k.a Ncredible Barzz.
Vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop Blog.

Album Review : Real Live - The Turnaround : A Long-Awaited Drama - 1996

LP - 1996 - Big Beat  

From The Source - September 1996 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Rhythm Roulette : Cookin' Soul

"“Que pasa familia?” queries Cookin' Soul as he pulls up to Human Head Records in Bushwick for the latest episode of "La Ruleta del Ritmo." As the biggest hip hop DJ/producer in Spain, Cookin' Soul is one of a handful of European beat makers to establish a profile in the U.S. He’s done dope remix projects on artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Dilla and his original beats for Wiz Khalifa, Pusha T, Curren$y, and Nicki Minaj (to name a few) has made waves worldwide. Pulling his ski cap down over his eyes, he randomly selected albums by ZZ Hill, The Dynamic Superiors, and “my man Shadrock”—which turned out to be funky as hell. Cookin' Soul wasted no time dropping the needle here are there, exclaiming “Hell no!” a few times before finding something he could work with. Once he found a good snare sound, he even kissed the album. “Let’s get to the cooking part,” he said after grabbing up all the fly samples he could find. Check the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette to see all the beats he cooked up in the soul kitchen. DMV rapper Jayy Grams even stopped by to drop a few bars." - Mass Appeal 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mix : Serch4beatz Presents The Good, The Bad, The Fugly

01 - Godfather Don - Status
02 - Sic Sense - Positional Bypass
03 - Roc Marciano - The Prophecy
04 - Sherlock - Beautiful Ways Remix
05 - 2 Demented ‎- The Real Sunset Park
06 - ?
07 - Mr. Ruckuz - Senselezz Murderz
08 - Kinetic - Moms Is The Ghetto
09 - Shadez Of Brooklyn ‎- Everyday Livin'
10 - ?
11 - Open Eyes - Riot Gear
12 -  One Step Beyond - Women Who Sleep With Women
13 - George Fields - Maya Shore

Props to Serch4beatz  

The Nobodies ‎- Fables...The Ep - 1998

EP - 1998 - Mends Recordings

The Nobodies was a group from North Carolina consisting of Derrick Nox Witherspoon a.k.a Equinox and Bunchy Carter a.k.a Apocalyspe. They released their first album "The Fables" in 1997 on CD format, followed by the 8-track Fables EP version released on vinyl a year later.

Equinox : "I was born in Elizabeth New Jersey. Me and Apocalypse were a part of the same crew but in different groups. I was in a group called Da 4th Dimension with Da 12th Doctor and Tommie Gee and Apocalypse was in a group with The Wizard of Ahhz called Trope. Trope was actually majority of the 1st Nobodies record "Fables".
Apocalypse : "I'm originally from Long Island, NY. I moved to North Carolina in High School and got a football scholarship to Winston-Salem State University. Nox and I met in a cypher by the freshman girl's dorm while I was breaking
Trope actually happened because of that same cypher. The Wizard of Ahhz was there also. So we formed Trope in 1994"

Equinox : "KRS One actually put us together when we were at a show in South Carolina. We were in a cipher and he scooped us up and basically took us on tour with him that same night. We put the Fables record together on the road. I had some solo records on there but when KRS put us together we started recording songs to complete it. We worked hard on that record and it opened up a lot of doors for us."

The EP came out on Mends Recordings, with productions by Baby Head, Eagle Man who was the DJ of the Wizard of Ahhz and Phatboy who was also the manager of the group and the owner of the label Mends Recordings. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Beats House Records Presents Kest Is High - 2018

Let's talk about this little project dropped by my man Kesta a.k.a Kool Kest who comes from my area, Le Havre (Normandy, FRANCE). The album will be released digitally with the help of Beats House Records and will be composed of 11 tracks featuring various artists like the Tokyo based emcee R.Y.T, Bumble Bzz, Picthcaps (Djar'One & Senbei), Jules & Georges (Les Rimailleurs), Anozer, Sample Sickness and NLK & Doe, two members of the young record label "Bien Tombé Records". 

Kesta : "The name is 'Kest is High' because I'm a fan of De La Soul's album, and there were the perfect letters to redo the logo with my moniker. I'm addicted to records, samples, sound and to music in general ... I think that the project is rather in a night atmosphere, with a majority of samples of jazz and soul, but made with my own style."

Coming soon ... Stay Tuned !!

Awon & Phoniks - The Actual Proof LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Dont Sleep Records  

Available on Vinyl ( 12" Baby Blue Limited Edition Vinyl and Test Press), CD & Digital.
Shipping Date : April 30th 2018

Sure Shot Singles : DE'1 - 16 With A Bullet - 1993

From The Source - October 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle