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Various ‎- G.A.P. Town Recording EP - 1997

EP - 1997 - G.A.P  Town Recording  

A1. Drastik, Destruction , Killah Konvict, K-Rod, Yusef, Sal White - Shorty's Big On Me
A3. Destruction  & Killah Konvict - The Line Up 
B1. Naughty Ax - Congo Madness 
B3. Dr. Wes - Body Parts

This various artists compilation came out in 1997 on the Northern New Jersey based label G.A.P Town Recording and was fully produced by Dj Born. The EP contains 4 tracks featuring artists from Grafton Ave Projects (Newark NJ) a.k.a GAP Town like Drastik, Destruction, Killah Konvict, K-Rod (RIP), Yusef, Sal White, Naughty Ax and Dr Wes. 

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The Big Chill - LL Cool J - 1998

From Hip Hop Connection - February 1998

Werd Of Mouph - Show Da World (Blowin Up) - 1997

12" - 1997 - Werd Of Mouph 

Photo courtesy of Hezikiah K. Anderson

This wax was released  in 1997 by the Philly based group Werd Of Mouph. It was composed of three members : D. Justice, H. Anderson and F. Anderson . It was their first and only 12" single fully produced by the well-known Dj Jazz, which contains three tracks : "4 Da Streets", "A Good Time Tonight" and the excellent lead single "Show Da World (Blowin Up)" which is considered as an indie grail nowadays. By the way, the song has been reissued in 2014 by Chopped Herring Records on his "Philadelphia Files EP". The instrumental contains a sample of "Montara" performed by Bobby Hutcherson and released in 1975.  

"Werd of Mouph is always everlasting" ... no doubt, 21 years later the track is still on heavy rotation !! 

Microphone Check : Kickin' Back - Afu-Ra

From The Source - December 2000

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Album Review : Brand Nubian - In God We Trust - 1992

2xLP - 1992 - Elektra 

From The Source - December 1992 

New Batch of Videos - 2018

Documentary : Almost Dope - Rhode Island Hip Hop Documentary - 2017

With the reissue of D-Smooth 's "Droppin Smooth Lyrics" EP soon on Dope Folks Records, it could be a good idea to learn more about the Rhode Island Hip-Hop History.

Here is a documentary directed by Ana Gonzales and Jeff Matteis.
Ana Gonzalez had musical roots as a student at Brown University, and while playing jazz bass in local music circles, she intersected paths with Hip-Hop artists in the area.
When she met film student Jeff Matteis, they became partners and they would eventually go on to produce the first documentary about RI Hip-Hop Culture. It features interviews of artists like Adee Rock,  D-Smooth, Dj Buck, Gary, King Xavier, Paris ... and more. 

"In this film, we feature eight stories about hip hop in Rhode Island. Eight stories about kids discovering hip hop and making it their own. Eight stories about what it means to be a person of color growing up in Rhode Island. Eight stories about getting so close to cracking into the mainstream they could taste it, but then… nothing. While we don’t tell each and every story that is out there about hip hop culture and history in Rhode Island, these eight stories will stick with you and push the conversation forward. This is Almost Dope." RI Hip-Hop Project