Monday, July 24, 2017

Concrete Click - Lyrical Terrorism (The EP) - 1995

For those who don't know Concrete Click, It was a Boston Hip-Hop crew composed of K.T (Killa Tactics) a.k.a Anthony Mosley , Dagger or Dagmost a.k.a Joseph Fergus Jr and Dj SugarChild. They dropped in 1995 an EP called "Lyrical Terrorism" on Lifeline Records. 10 tracks fully produced by Dialek, a Boston producer who also worked with Scientifik, D-Auguste, Da F.E.N.C.E Men and more ...

 The Original Concrete Click - Photo courtesy of Anthony Mosley

The official Lifeline Records 12" EP was only made of 4 tracks (Criminal/Can't Get Enough/Gone With The Wind/Where You At) with the instrumentals. In 2010 came out an unofficial Japanese Bootleg release which was combined with the 'Keep It Street' 12" single.  
I've never had the luck to find the official 12" EP in a record store... maybe one day...

Unofficial EP - 2010 - Lifeline Records 

Northeast Performer Magazine Cover - April 1996 - courtesy of Joe Politics.

By the way, the Open Archives snippets above come from a tape given to Magnus Johnstone (RIP) by one of the group member at the end of a show. The tape is now part of the Lecco's Lemma Collection & the Massachusetts Hip Hop Archive.

"Magnus Johnstone was an influential piece of the Boston Hip Hop scene's early stages. In 1985, he started the first all-rap radio program called Lecco's Lemma at MIT's WMBR 88.1, which ran through the late 80's, later moving to Boston College’s WZBC 90.3. He will forever be known as the first person in Boston to truly give local artists a chance to be heard regularly on the radio, playing their demos and even featuring them in-studio live on the air. MC Keithy E later known as the late great Guru of Gangstarr, Ray Dog aka Benzino & Emo E aka Twice Thou who were members of the Almighty RSO, TDS Mob, Top Choice Clique, MC Spice, Big Chuck, Rusti Pendleton formerly Rusti the Toe Jammer, Edo G who was then known as Edo Rock of the F.T.I. Crew, Disco P & The Fresh MC, beatboxer DMX, MC Fantasy, Bodyrock (Chuck & Emo E), Roxbury Crush Crew (RCC), DJ Koo koo, Popeye & Spinach, Coolie J, Magic D, TYPE 4, The Tuff Crew, Killa DJ and MC Capers are just some of the many 1st generation Boston artists whom Magnus gave the chance to be heard. At the time Lecco's Lemma was an immediate success among Hip Hop fans and Boston artists who were hungry to be known." 
Full Article

Feel free to browse the Tapes collection and listen to the snippets !!! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Microphone Check : Bronx Tales - Fat Joe

From The Source - November 1995 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Mixtape : Cookinjax ‎- We Got The Flava (S-Ky Side)

Mixtape - Donuts Records

A1– S-Ky - Cookintro 
A2 – Taerism - Seeing Is Believing 
A3 – KMD - What A Nigga Know? 
A4 – MF Grimm - Emotions 
A5 – Ruggedness Madddrama - Checkin' Down The Menu (Remix) 
A6 – Slum Brothers - Regular Niggers 
A7 – Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat 
A8 – Peach Tha 5th Trooper - MC's Step Up 
A9 – Prophets Of The Ghetto - $Kurrency$ 
A10 – Fish B. One - How That Sound 
A11 – Prose And Concepts - W.O.T.R. 
A12 – Ghetto Concept - Certified 
A13 – Craz - It's On 
A14 – Chris Styles - Dreams Of Torture 
A15 – Rascalz - Funky Needs 
A16 – Ultramagnetic MC's - New York What Is Funky 
A17 – Controversy - Trunka Funk

Props to DJ MP45 

Dillon & Diamond D - Black Tie Affair EP - 2017

EP - 2017 - Full Plate 

A1 - Feast
A2 - Let The Horns Blow 
A3 - Double Up ft. Paten Locke 
A4 - Femme Fatale 
A5 - Last Call
B1 - Feast (Instrumental)
B2 - Let The Horns Blow  (Instrumental)
B3 - Double Up  (Instrumental)
B4 - Femme Fatale (Instrumental)
B5 - Last Call (Instrumental)

"Black Tie Affair" is dropping on vinyl & digital worldwide on September 8th  via Full Plate & Fat Beats. The B-Side contains the Diamond D produced instrumentals.

500 Copies available

M.W.P - Afterglow - 2017

1. Mi Amor (Ft. Hus Kingpin)
2. Bad News (Ft. Nowaah The Flood & DJ Grazzhoppa)
3. Ancient Artifacts (Ft. Dope Product)
4. 100% (Ft. ILL Conscious, Ras Kass & DJ Grazzhoppa)
5. Hold It Down (Ft. ILL Conscious, Shabaam Sahdeeq & El Ay)
6. Golden (Ft. Cayoz, Sage Infinite & Skyzoo)
7. The Perfect Storm (Ft. Guilty Simpson, Senica Da Misfit, ILL Conscious & DJ Grazzhoppa)
8. Repulsive Desire (Ft. Senica Da Misfit & El Ay)
9. The Three Musketeers (Ft. Howard Hughes, Sage Infinite & Guy Grams)
10. Mad + Nice + Ltd. (Ft. Reks, Craig G, Sage Infinite & DJ Grazzhoppa)
11. Band Of Brothers (Ft. Recognize Ali & Jos Rockwell)
12. Dikembe Mutombo (Ft. Jos Rockwell & Roc Marciano)

The Dannish producer M.W.P is back with his second album "Afterglow" featuring Hus Kingpin, Ras Kass, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, Reks, Craig G, Recognize Ali, Roc Marciano and more

Out Soon !

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Run DMC in Rap Sheet - 1993

From Rap Sheet - June 1993

Da Funkylooper - Boom Bap Language LP - 2017

LP - 2017 - Zona Escolar Records

"1st WorldWide Hip-Hop Compilation produced by Colombian Boom Bap producer - H-ico a.k.a Da Funkylooper featuring Mc's like Coal Black + Malev da Shinobi + PielRoja - Kulya and Dee (Tulym) + Black Mentes + Blabbermouf + Ellmatic and one solo track by H-ico himself on the Mic. That on the SIDE A. SIDE B includes 7 Funkylooper intrumentals different from the SIDE A tracks. So 14 tracks in total for your enjoy. "

140 Copies available : 102 Black Vinyl / 38 Random splattered color records / 50 Clear Black Cassettes. 

Orders !   

Screamin' & Cryin' - Two Tears In A Bucket EP - 2017

EP - 2017 - Dope Folks Records 

"Screamin’ & Cryin’ consisted of Matisse (Jon Carter -DJ, Turntablist and Producer) and Skwerm (David Ellis- MC/Rapper and Lyricist.) “Two Tears In A Bucket” was produced in 1992 in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC, and culminated in Sanford, NC at Beechtree Recording Studios. Previously, they released their only record in 1988 on Popular Records under the name FAZE TWO. Their “Two Tears In A Bucket” record was never shopped to record labels and it never got the attention it deserved. The group dismantled shortly after finishing production. We are excited to unearth 6 unreleased studio tracks and 1 track that was done for Raleigh Radio! " Dope Folks Records

Limited to 300 copies (50 colored copies, 250 standard black vinyl) 
Order your copy now : Colored / Black